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A fully managed platform for a modern print house.
Capture critical data.

Take your revenue to new heights, from opportunity, to cash.

Cronus intelligent print calculation with revenue
recognition and visualization

  • Calculation
    Intelligent algorithms help Cronus to automatic select the most economical process to produce a product. Cronus intelligent calculation system optimizes your calculation workflow and visualizes your revenue range.
  • Price & Quote
    Ensure consistent pricing and discounting and include the right mix of components in every quote. Generate customer-friendly quotes easily and accurately with Cronus intelligent calculation system.
  • Orders & Renewals
    Easily convert quotes to clean orders that can be automatically loaded into the production process and generate renewal quotes while applying price increases.
  • Product Configurator
    Configure products and services based on Cronus intelligent calculation system. Update configurations at any time for special promotions or product changes.
  • Revenue Recognition
    Quickly recognize revenue and report on quotes, orders and invoices. Create completely customizable reports and dashboards for easier identification of most profitable products, customers and most successful pricing models.
  • Invoice
    Automatize the invoicing process. Create and send invoices on the go, from any device.
  • Work Order
    Automatize the process of work order generation on paper or paperless. With Cronus, you have all the options. With the Cronus automatization mobile terminal App, you have all the data in real time in your hands.

Cronus Centralized Data Analytics Dashboard

  • Get smarter and more connected.
    Now you can dynamically explore any information to spot trends and visualize key performance indicators.
  • Work from any device.
    Give your team the power to slice and dice data, no matter where they are working — Cronus is designed mobile-first and optimized for tablets and phones.
  • Get contextual answers.
    Unlock the full power of data with our set of Cronus analytics apps. Give your team the tools of instantly finding the relevant answers that lead to smarter actions and optimal productivity.
  • Know what is happening now, and what will happen next.
    Get AI-powered answers, explanations, and recommendations with Cronus. Analyze millions of data combinations in minutes, so you can understand what happened, why it happened, and what will happen in the future.
Warehouse Management System
Reduced inventory through the eradication of just-in-case inventory.
Material availability, material resource requests, material definitions, all in one place and connected with the calculation and production process.
Cronus Machine Management System
Reduced waste, re-work and scrap, including quicker setup times.
Set up machines automatically, in all processes, with a few clicks. Prepress, Finishing, Digital Printing, Offset Printing, Wide-Format Printing.
Cronus Status Dashboard Screen
Visualize all your production data from any source quickly and easily.
Product tracking and tracing from both internal and external sources in production and machine section aerials.
Production planning in real time
Intelligent production planning from different data sources and combinations for smarter actions and optimal productivity.
Cronus Automatisation Mobile Terminal App
Send all relevant informations with one touch to the process operator in the production.
More accurate capture of costs; informations like scrap, downtime, etc., personnel performance and working processes.
Incorporate Paperless Workflow Activities.
Cronus Automatization App replaces the paper work and speeds up information throughput.

Cronus W2P Interface and Automatisation
for B2C and B2B costumers

Complete automatized W2P solution
The W2P solution is completely integrated in Cronus. With the integration, all processes from the product design, the administration site to the order process of the user in the front-end can be automated. You can design and connect products to the Cronus Intelligent Print Calculation service, so that the products are all the time updated. All user accounts are connected with the Cronus CRM to track and analyze all user data in one place.

B2B Costumer Portal
Enable your B2B customers to maintain their own customized product. You can connect the product to the Cronus Intelligent Print Calculation service, so that the product is all the time updated (when the price for resources is changed the price is automatically recalculated). You can also connect your B2B Costumer Portal with the CRM and track all data in one place. All your B2B customers can manage their orders, products, and have control over the print data and production status at any time, on any device. For additional control, you can also tailor policies, accounts and security features for different B2B customers.
PDF check and automatic repair, based on profile presets as a part of your workflow.

No more manually checking of every page of a PDF for errors. Cronus automatically detects pretty almost every possible error in PDF files. Cronus also gives you the possibility to fix them yourself or have it done automatically.
JDF (CIP 4) and the Art of Automatization in the age of digital machines

JDF is a technology that allows systems from many different vendors to interoperate. Cronus MIS can communicate with different devices, send job specifications, inventory/stock data and monitor numerous job parameters, all through JDF technology.
Automatically dive into data to uncover answers for every part of your workflow.

Get comprehensive analysis of millions of data combinations in minutes. Cronus delivers AI-driven answers, explanations, and recommendations, so you not only understand what happened, but why it happened and what you should do next.